Marianne Windham


Marianne Windham performing with the Ridouts at Fleet Jazz Club on 15 Nov 2017. Photograph courtesy of Ben Casey (Aldershot, Farnham and Fleet Camera Club)

MARIANNE WINDHAM is a jazz and classical double bass player, based in Guildford.  She is the co-founder & bedrock of Fleet Jazz Club, which wouldn’t exist without her, and is the resident bass player at the Club.

She took up playing professionally at the start of 2011, leaving behind a career as director of a software consultancy in order to pursue a passion for playing the bass.  In the Spring of 2011 Marianne set up The Cavern jazz club near Guildford and has now found a permanent home at the Pavilion of the Guildford Rugby Club.   At the end of 2012 Marianne added a monthly Jazz Cafe evening at the Electric Theatre, which has become a popular feature of the Theatre’s programme. Apart from these of clubs in Guildford, and all sorts of festivals and workshops, she also plays in various groups, classical and jazz, including (at the last count) 3 big bands.

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