Andy Crowdy


ANDY CROWDY is a highly rated bass player who has performed with many leading UK players including Gary Potter, Diz Disley, Clark Tracey, Alan Barnes and Tina May. He has been heard with Acker Bilk on one night and with a contemporary jazz band on the next day.   Andy worked for New Orleans-born singer Lillian Boutte, playing bass and guitar at festivals and workshops in Europe, America and Australia.  Andy combines a sense of rhythm and drive with a lyrical musicality.  His technique combined with a great sense of humour keeps the audience entertained.  Andy loves many musical styles, leading him to playing heavy rock, blues, folk and pop. This has given him a breadth of experience which he transmits in music workshops through his teaching of bass and guitar.  As to his influences, he says: “The Beatles got me started. John McLaughlin was a big influence. Mahler and then Schoenberg inspired me to explore further. Quite a mixed bunch!”