Chris Biscoe Sextet – January 2016

Saxophonist and clarinettist Chris Biscoe has been on the British scene since the seventies, but he’s made the territory between post-bop and free-jazz entirely his own, and his sophisticated tributes to the jazz giants are always distinctive.  His Mingus groups reappraise compositions by Charles Mingus.  His album ‘Profiles of Mingus’ was issued on Trio Records in 2010 and concentrates on Charles Mingus’s musical portraits of friends, lovers, political enemies, musicians and one cat. “Mingus Ah Um was the first Mingus record I heard, the first I bought, and remains my favourite for the amazing variety of inspiring solos and arrangements it incorporates.”

Chris Biscoe “Mingus Profiles” Sextet performed at Fleet Jazz Club in January 20165. The sextet personnel were Chris Biscoe, Henry Lowther, Pete Hurt, Kate Williams, Jeremy Brown and Stu Butterfield.

Below are a few photos from the gig however the full photo album can be viewed here. Many thanks to David Fisher, Michael Carrington and Vassilis Korkas from AFFCC for the photos.