Past gigs

Here is Fleet Jazz Club‘s archive of past performances. Just click on the links below for further information on the musicians who have performed and view great pictures taken by photographers from the Aldershot, Farnham and Fleet Camera Club.


March – Martin Speake Quintet: Celebrating Bird!

February – Art Themen Organ Trio+1

January – Steve Waterman Big Band Plays Miles Davis


December – Ian Shaw, Iain Ballamy & Jamie Safir

November – Robert Fowler & Mark Crooks

September – Hannah Horton

July – Alan Barnes Octet

June – Simon Allen/Alan Skidmore plus Herts Youth Jazz Ensembles

May – Clare Hirst/Andrea Vicari Quintet

April – Steve Waterman & Karen Sharp

March – Louise Clare Marshall

February – Matt Wates Sextet


November – Vasilis Xenopoulos & Nigel Price

October – Ma Bessie

September – Paul Higgs


January – Sara Dowling


December – Alan Barnes plus 11 – Christmas Special

November – Tim Whitehead Quartet with Giovanni Mirabassi

October – Getz: A Muscial Portrait – Chris Ingham Quartet plus Mark Crooks

September – Roger Beaujolalis Quartet

July – Music of Ella & Sarah-Vimala Rowe, Juliet Roberts & Jeanette Mason

June – Brandon Allen Plays Gene Ammons

May – Craig Milverton: Tribute to Oscar Peterson

April – Jo Fooks & Steve Waterman Quintet

March – The Clark Tracey Quintet

February – Nikki Iles All Star Septet

January – ‘A Portrait of Cannonball’ – Tony Kofi Quintet


December – “A SWINGING CHRISTMAS” – JOANNA EDEN with Jazz at the Movies

November – Chris Allard Quintet with Matt Wates

October – Ian Shaw

September – Nigel Price Organ Trio with Vasilis Xenopoulos

July – Clark Tracey’s Stan Tracey Legacy Big Band

June – Gordon Campbell All Star Octet

May – Paul Booth & The Janette Mason Trio

April – The Sara Dowling Quartet

March – Dave and Judith O’Higgins: “His’n’Hers Quintet”

February – The Chris Ingham Quartet – ‘The Jazz of Dudley Moore’

January – Scott Hamilton Quartet


December – Brandon Allen All-Star Sextet

November – The Ridouts

October – John Etheridge “Sweet Chorus”

September – Karen Sharp Quartet

July – Barnes/Waterman/Nightingale Sextet

June – Tina May Quartet

May – Digby Fairweather & Julian Stringle Quintet

April – Gareth Williams & Trish Clowes / Glow Quartet

March – Iain Ballamy

February – Andy Cleyndert Quartet

January – Joanna Eden & the Chris Ingham Trio plus Steve Waterman


December – Skelton-Skinner All Stars Septet

November – Andrea Vicari & Mornington Lockett

October – Moscow Drug Club

September – Nigel Price Organ Trio & Vasilis Xenopoulos

July – Greg Abate & Alan Barnes

June – Steve Waterman Big Band

May – Neale meets Steele

April – Derek Nash Acoustic Quartet

March – Jim Mullen

February – Chris Ingham Quartet “Celebrating Hoagy”

January – Chris Biscoe Quintet “Profiles of Mingus”


December – The Printmakers with Norma Winstone and Nikk Iles

November – Simon Allen and Alan Skidmore with Gareth Williams, Andy Clendert and Clark Tracey

October – Benn Clatworthy with John Donaldson and Matt Home

September – Kate Williams with Gareth Lockrane and Tristan Mailliot

July – Scott Stroman and the Guildhall Big Band and Singers

June – Tony Kofi with Jonathan Gee and Rod Youngs

May – Enrico Tomasso “Hot Five”

April – Liane Carroll trio with John Etheridge

March – Denys Baptiste with Nick Ramm and Rod Youngs

February – Mark Crooks with Colin Oxley and Matt Fishwick

January – Laura Jurd Septet


December – Alan Barnes “A Christmas Carol”

November – Tim Whitehead with John Turville and Winston Clifford

October – Nigel Price Organ Trio

September – The 3 Tenors – Don Weller, Mornington Lockett, Art Themen – with John Crithinson, Andy Cleyndert and Spike Wells

July – Paul Booth with Ross Stanley and Steve Brown

June – Anita Wardell and Dave O’Higgins with Mike Gorman and Tristan Mailliot

May – Gareth Lockrane Big Band

March – Mark Nightingale with Cheryl King, Julie Walkington and Martin Pyne

February – Tony Woods with Kate Williams and Asaf Sirkis

January – Martin Shaw with Les Cirkel and John Elliott


December – Jacqui Dankworth

November – Tony Kofi with Rod Youngs and Nick Ramm

October – Karen Sharp with Nikki Iles and Steve Brown

September – Steve Waterman Big Band

September – Barry Green trio with Henry Lowther

July- Andy Cleyndert, Dave Newton and Colin Oxley

June – Art Themen with Cheryl King and Martin Pyne

May – John Etheridge with Les Cirkel

April – Brandon Allen with Ross Stanley and Steve Brown

March –  Alan Barnes with Cheryl King and Martin Pyne

February – Vasilis Xenopoulos with Nigel Price and Steve Brown

January – Steve Waterman with Mark Ridout and Martin Pyne