Simon Allen

Simon Allen

Alto saxophonist Simon Allen studied at the Royal Academy of Music, after which he joined Clark Tracey’s Quintet, and is now a member of the Laurence Cottle All Star Big Band and works with Colin Towns’ Mask Orchestra, the Birmingham Royal Ballet, the Matthew Herbert Big Band and the BBC Big Band.

“Allen, the latest in a long line of gifted Tracey saxophone -recruits, brings a searing urgency…… with Allen injecting an -anthemic soul-jazzy heat (an unfamiliar -ingredient for a Tracey album)” – John Fordham, The Guardian

“Allen’s questing inventiveness and thrilling rhythmic interplay” – Brisbane Jazz Club

 “He knows how to produce a luminous, floating tone on alto sax, has an impressive technique, and constructs his solos with maturity and confidence” – Sholto Byrnes, The Independent

“Allen is the backbone to some of the album’s best songs…….the overall experience is rewarding, due largely to saxophonist Simon Allen’s dressing up what could be a standard fusion solo with a heavy free jazz accent” – All About Jazz review of Blake Wilner’s “The Reprieve”

“He was able to steal the show from under the feet of a band of masters” – Derby Jazz Club